Why Should I Enroll in this E-Course?

This heart-touching and motivational PD aims to remind educators of their professional "WHY. Mr. Taylor also lays out a comprehensive definition of what it means to be a "Teacher with a Purpose"™. This PD will help educators identify the greatest threats to their professional growth and productivity.

Attendees will also examine research about historical perspectives of burnout. Also, attendees will develop a concrete understanding of burnout, its causes, and strategies to overcome its influence on the education profession.

How is the course structured?

With 20 days of unlimited access to this presentation, attendees will have more than enough time to dive deep into the research about educator burnout and the need for motivation in the field of education. There are 14 lectures, averaging less than 5 minutes per lecture, designed to inspire educators and facilitate engagement and interaction in a virtual setting.

This online course is formatted to be both digestible and robust. All who enroll will grasp a more complete understanding of teacher burnout and practical self-care strategies for combatting the negative influence of burnout and stress in the field of education.

How do I enroll large groups?

For schools or districts desiring to enroll groups larger than 10 educators, please email [email protected] Thank you.

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"Build Capacity. Inspire Purpose."

Jahkari “JT” Taylor is an award-winning educator, researcher, instructional coach, author, entrepreneur, and highly-sought after speaker. He has presented across the nation at K-12 schools, colleges/universities, and professional conferences. Throughout his career, he has won numerous awards including the Iota Phi Lambda Emerald Educator Award, Teacher of the Year for Oscar Smith High School, and Overall City-Wide Teacher of the Year for Chesapeake Public Schools. In 2019, JT was selected as an ASCD Emerging Leader for the 2019 cohort.

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Improved Instruction

Teachers have reported that instructional coaching has improved the quality of their instruction (Charner & Medrich, 2017).

Additional Instructional Tools

Teachers have also self-reported that their knowledge of research-based strategies increased as a result of receiving instructional coaching (Charner & Medrich, 2017)

Improved Collective Efficacy

Additionally, teachers have expressed a new interest in professional learning to improve their craft as a result of instructional coaching (Charner & Medrich, 2017).