What is Purpose Pushers Academy?

Purpose Pushers Academy is an online platform designed to equip and empower educators. Through our research-based E-courses, educators can engage in personalized professional learning. Through several available courses, educators can focus on specific competencies, create their own unique professional development path, and engage in sustained professional development overtime. At the conclusion of each course, educators will receive a Certificate of Completion. With approval from the school or district, recertification points for educators working towards licensure renewal may be awarded for completion of E-Courses. 

With (9) available courses and several courses coming soon, all members of the school community have an opportunity to personalize the professional learning they desire to receive.

Available E-Courses

  1. Instructional Coaching: Why Should I Receive Instructional Coaching
  2. From Poverty to Purpose: Supporting Students Impacted by Poverty and Trauma
  3. Blind Spots: Racism, Bias, and Strategies to Help You Move Toward Equity
  4. Lecture on Race and School Discipline: Moving from Zero Tolerance to Educational Equity
  5. ALL IN! - Coaching Teachers with a Purpose for Virtual Engagement
  6. Culturally Relevant Teaching
  7. Hip Hop Pedagogy & Literacy
  8. Relational Teaching (SEL Focus)
  9. Overcoming Educator Burnout

E-Courses Launching Soon

  1. Special Education: Equity Through SDI
  2. Special Education: Co-Teaching with a Purpose!
  3. Classroom Management: Why do They do That?

"I believe every teacher has the potential to become an unforgettable, life-changing, and destiny-altering educator. With the right tools and the right amount of coaching, any educator can inspire their students and increase student achievement. This is what I call a "Teacher with a Purpose!"

- JT Taylor, CEO of Purpose Pushers LLC

Inspiration and Instructional Coaching

JT Taylor is an award-winning educator who has been featured in several newspaper articles and a WHRO commercial titled, “The Teaching Profession.” For the past decade, he has worked with district leaders, principals, administrative teams, teachers, and students across several states and school divisions. Specializing in social-emotional learning (SEL), culturally responsive practices, special education, and best instructional practices for reaching all learners, JT's goal is to build capacity to ensure that educators are equipped to provide every child with an opportunity to succeed.